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NRI Service / Destination Wedding

NRI Service / Destination Wedding

Wedding have always been huge function for Indians. It is no wonder then that the phrase ‘The Big Fat Indian Wedding’ epitomized the importance of this function. This especially holds true for Indians, NRIs and HNIs, living abroad. It is during these times that we crave of reach out to our roots thus making this occasion one of the essence of Indian culture. 


Detailed logistical arrangements:


We provide full event management all under a single roof of brand Roop Rang Decorators.

We give our clients a good choice of venue anywhere in India and book the one that is approved by them.

We manage the ticketing to the destination and take care of transportation to and from the airport to hotel and back. We also manage transportation and other logistics for the entire duration of the weddings according to the requirement.

We leverage our contacts to fix budget friendly accommodation which are delightful.


Pre-Wedding function:


We assist in selecting a wedding card. We offer unique designs drawn by our creative artists. We also design digital invites.

Once the wedding card design is selected, we help our clients to draw up a guest-list. Pre-wedding photographs, gifts if any are packed and sent out with the invites.

Finally, we take the onus of sending out the wedding invites through emails, Whatsapp and instagram.


Bridal wear:


We get our wedding designer to create new patterns for the bridal costumes and if required, for family members.

We set up an onsite makeup artist and mehndi artist for the bride to decide.


Dance and orchestra:


Our choreographer, along with the family, arranges dances, songs to be played. He also helps put up a family skit / sangeet sandhya and so on.

Orchestra and a good musical band is confirmed for the wedding.




Decoration of all venues and events at those, providing necessary decorative materials,  creative & artistic items for Jaimala ceremony is also organized.

Bridal entry ceremony & creative concepts for wedding & reception events.


Venue selection:


Venue for sangeet sandhya, artist for laganu or wedding songs and sahnai wadan which is sung at the time of wedding is arranged.

We can counsel you on unique innovative eco-friendly weddings for couples who love nature.